LinkedIn Workshop Summary

Did you miss out on the LinkedIn event last week? We’ve taken the liberty to write up a summary for you. Just keep on reading!


– Cindy Whitcomb, HR Manager at Perkins & Co.

– Matthew Hilton, Recruiter at Delap LLP.

LinkedIn is the #1 business networking site with 259 million users and counting. It’s an easy way to create and manage your own personal brand. It isn’t meant to look like your Facebook profile! Use a business casual photo, and make sure that others can easily identify you.

When filling out your profile, do not just copy and paste from your resume – make sure that you write out everything and include a personal message, being careful of your spelling and grammar. Please do not write about yourself in third person – that’s awkward.

Be sure to include the clubs and organizations you are affiliated with under your school information. Also, do not be afraid to include your major achievements, volunteer work, projects you’ve worked on, etc. Show others how well-rounded you are!

Remember – LinkedIn is a tool to establish and develop your own personal brand. Be wary of what you post, and turn on some privacy settings.

If you don’t already have an account, click here to get started.

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