Insights: Marvin A., Secretary

Marvin has been a part of ALPFA for several months now and he brings his ambition and humor to every meeting. This week, we wanted to chat with him about his majors and practical steps he is taking to build a foundation in his career.

R: What are you majoring in?

Marvin: My majors as of right now is Supply and Logistics Management and Marketing.

R: Why did you choose those?

Marvin: I chose Supply and Logistics Management as my major because I find it very interesting how companies transport products and deal with global problems through complex supply and logistics networks. I feel like this field will bring me closer to aviation, which is one of my passions in life, but also traveling the world, which has been one of my life goals. Marketing suits my Supply and Logistics degree as both aspects of business are always working together.

R: How are you practicing success in the Supply and Logistics field today?

Marvin: I am practicing success in this field through the opportunities I have been able to obtain such as my Costco internship. This internship allowed me to get a first hand look on how Costco’s operations run but it also focused on how Costco deals with their supply and logistics. ALPFA has given me connections and insight on individuals who have worked in similar fields. For example, ALPFA events have molded my resume into a competitive representation of myself.

Thanks for the insight, Marvin!


Marvin is a sophomore at Portland State University, studying Supply and Logistics, as well as Marketing, in the School of Business Administration. In his free time, he likes to watch or play soccer, learn about other cultures through documentaries, or paint.


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