10 Useful Things for Less Than a Latte

With our upcoming event, The Biggest Gainer financial series, we thought it would be timely to do a few fun blurbs relevant to the subject.

Think about this – the average college student is spending about $25 on coffee each week, which is about $5 a day, Monday-Friday.

For the cost of one latte, you could do a lot more with your $5 bill. So here are 10 useful things you can purchase for less than what you’d pay for your milky, sugar-filled beverage.

  1. Ferrari USB Mouse
    Get work done… in style.
  1. Phone mount
    Finally let out your inner creative. Or just use this to record your presentations (propped on a desk), if you’re taking an online business course.
  1. The best pen on face of the planet
    No, seriously. No bleed. No skip. Just perfection.
  1. Vintage-looking Pencil Case
    Somewhere to place the best pen on the face of the planet… in style. And, you know, durability.
  1. Best erasers of life
    No pencil mark is too great for this high-polymer knight.
  1. Survival tool
    It’s a bottle opener, knife, ruler, wrench, and so much more – all in stainless steel and smaller than a credit card.
  1. External battery
    Because your phone battery will fail you.
  1. Homework planning app
    For $5 a year, you can set up an online agenda of your homework, get notifications, upload associated files, and so much more. The free version is great, too! Available for most platforms (including web).
  1. Online backup
    ALWAYS have a back-up plan. Don’t want to lose all of your pictures, homework assignments, and movies? BackBlaze lets you upload an unlimited amount of data for $5 a month.
  1. Handheld investor
    Why wasn’t this invented earlier?! For $1 a month, Acorns will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest those pennies for you! Trust us – it adds up. Available for most platforms (web coming soon).

Remember that every dollar counts and every dollar has power. If you have any other fun ideas about what useful things a student could purchase for under $5, leave us a comment down below!


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