Failure Guaranteed

To succeed, you need to not be afraid to fail.

When you are young and learning to ride a bicycle, you constantly fall, but your drive of wanting to succeed and have the freedom of riding a bike keeps you going forward.  This is the same as when you are starting a new adventure in a different stage of your life.  If you fail, just get up, clean up your scratches, analyze what went wrong and what can be done better, and repeat until you are successful.  If you had given up after you kept falling off your bike, you would have never learned, and you would become the topic of many neighborhood jokes because you were the big kid still using training wheels.

Statistics tells you that the more you try, the more likely you are to eventually have a successful result. The way to success is to overcome the failures that come up.  If you’re avoiding failures, you’re avoiding the successes that will eventually come.

In today’s society of fast-paced work environments, failures are looked down upon because they may delay a project, increasing costs.  But these failures can become a learning opportunity for everyone in the team which will facilitate future projects. Again, the way to success is to overcome the failures that come up.

– Jose Gastelum, Vice President of ALPFA Portland State University.