The Board

We’re an exciting bunch that likes to have fun, but knows when to roll our sleeves up and get down to business (pun intended).

Co-President – Nayeli Ortega
nayeli (2)




– Place of birth: Hillsboro, Oregon.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Majoring in Finance+Supply Chain and Logistics. Minoring in Spanish.
– Why you picked your major:  I have background in business in my family and seemed much easier to adapt to once I graduate. I would not like to be in a single industry for my whole life and this is the only career I feel permits me to change industries without having to go through more education. I wanted to be a lawyer or an architect but both of those fields limited me to a single industry. I am double majoring in these areas because they are very similar to one another.
– 3 things you do for fun: I love cars and I spend as much time as I can working on these. I have my truck that I am in the process of customizing and although it will take me long to finish I feel proud that this is something I can do almost all on my own. Drawing is another of my passions and I am currently in the process of learning how to air brush. Going to the beach during summer and drawing out there is very calm for me or just staying in my room for a whole day trying to finish my projects is considered fun by me. Lately what I have done for fun is dancing and shopping. The reason for this is it takes less time than the other activities I like to do.
– Favorite book and movie: My favorite book is a The Street Lawyer by  John Grisham. My favorite movies are The fast and Furious series. I love comedies and action movies. Romances and scary movies aren’t my thing but I am always open to new things.
– Something really interesting about you: I am interested in boxing and martial arts and love swimming. I learned to drive when I was 10 years old, too! 

Co-President – Kaylah Hancock
– Place of birth: Portland, Oregon.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Accounting.
– Why you picked your major: When I was in high school of my senior year I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I wanted to go to college for. I had originally signed up for AP Anatomy and Physiology, but I was put in accounting instead by mistake. I had never switched out of a class before and I’d thought I shouldn’t start now. I ended up loving the class so much I completed all the work the teacher had and then some. Eventually he didn’t know what to do with me so I became his aid in the accounting class.That’s when I knew I wanted to do accounting as a career.
– 3 things you do for fun: Go on ridiculously long walks/hikes! My record is 3 1/2 hours walking to the Sellwood bridge and back. Also, I love to sit and draw people while I’m out and about and I like to write stories whenever I get the chance.
– Favorite book and movie: My favorite book is a tie between Amy’s Eyes, The Book Thief, and Pride and Prejudice (I recommend these the most to people). My favorite movie is Fight Club.
– Something really interesting about you: I have always had this dream of going to Pompeii in Italy. Every time I read or watch something on it, I have a deep calling that draws me there.

Vice President – Joanna Espindola
– Place of birth: Pasadena, California.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Accounting/Criminology.
– Why you picked your major: I chose to dedicate my studies in accounting because I have always enjoyed the complexity and facility that come from working with numbers. On the other hand, I chose criminology because I really want to make a positive change in the world one day by helping even a few of those people that are ignored, suppressed, and malnourished.
– 3 things you do for fun: Watch Netflix, dance bachata, and try new restaurants.
– Favorite book:  “I Am Not Your Victim” is one of my favorite books.
– Something really interesting about you: I started dancing at the age of 10 and since then have learned 11 different styles.

Director of Operations – Marvin Avilez
– Place of birth: I was born in the town of Tulancingo in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.
– Major(s)/Minor(s): Supply and Logistics Management and Marketing.
– Why you picked your major: I picked Supply and Logistics because I wanted to be close to airplanes as aviation is one of my passions. Supply and Logistics puts me in an environment where aviation is a crucial part of the job, so naturally it interested me. Marketing, on the other hand, gives me information that supplements data used in Supply and Logistics algorithms but also helps me be creative and helps me understand demand of products.
– 3 things you do for fun: Hiking, playing soccer, and running.
– Favorite book and movie: The Great Gatsby. I have a lot of favorite movies but The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of my favorite movie series.
– Something really interesting about you: I have piloted an airplane before.

Treasurer – Mustafa Al-Hashmi
My iPhone Collection July 8, 2014 525
– Place of birth: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Accounting.
– Why you picked your major: I liked the introductory accounting classes.
– 3 things you do for fun: I like to watch documentaries about history and technology. I like to swim – it’s my main form of work out. And I also like to listen to radio station and podcasts.
– Favorite book and movie: Favorite book is “Screw It, Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson. Or  “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. My favorite movie is The Lion King.
– Something really interesting about you: I am a very good story teller. Also, I like to check out old antique places. And collect play card decks.

Director of Marketing & Communications – Ruth Crisan
– Place of birth: Portland, Oregon.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Marketing, Advertising.
–  Why you picked your major: I was the weird kid that liked commercials. Every aspect – the music, the way the camera panned – all of it made me tick. Design has always been important to me. I found myself drawn to specific brands early on, and was fascinated by why. In the end, I want to create and maintain brand consistency for a B2C company.
– 3 things you do for fun: Watch documentaries, travel (can you say airplane seat?), and read (and play Sims… and play with my puppy).
– Favorite book and movie: My favorite movie might be The Book Thief. As for books? My fiction favorite is The Catcher in the Rye (or Brave New World), and fave non-fiction is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (for now).
– Something really interesting about you: My parents were born in little farm towns in Romania, so I grew up speaking Romanian and eating soup every week.

Director of Membership – Ali Perez
– Place of birth: Los Angeles, California.
– Your major(s)/minor(s): Finance, Supply & Logistics.
– Why you picked your major: I picked finance as a major because I enjoy working with numbers using Excel and graphs. I chose Supply and logistics as my second major because buying and selling has always caught my attention. I would enjoy working in finance or supply chain.
– 3 things you do for fun: Playing/watching soccer, hiking, and traveling to new places!
– Favorite book and movie: Favorite book would have to be The Travelers Guide to the Universe. And my favorite movie is, also, the Dark Knight.
– Something really interesting about you: I know how to drive semi-trucks with 18 speeds! You’ll have to ask.


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